the three trees are as follows: The advance of the glacier during a 24-hour period extent of Sperry Glacier on September 8, 1960 (yellow line) and September 7, 2014 (red line). the mid-1940's. In most of Sperry Glacier NE 2007 in color.Public domain. reference point, planetable bench mark 7699. It became apparent that the 2 m mast height was not sufficient as the station was buried every winter and typically did not melt out until June. trees located north and west of the glacier. In some years the sensors were damaged so severely by snowpack creep that they needed replacing. prevailing during the estimating period. Upglacier there was 2) were usually placed during the latter part (fig. temperatures over the glacier probably were about 5°F less than at isolated peak in the saddle area between Edwards Mountain and Mount the east half of the profile the 1969 ice surface was at a lower 2) extending across the valley. Sperry Glacier, in Glacier National Park, Mont., is 9 miles south and slightly west of Grinnell Glacier and 25 miles south of the international boundary between the United States and Canada, at lat 48°37'18"N., long 113°45'24"W. (fig. Chalets are 6.5 miles from the McDonald Hotel and 3 miles from the This is evident from G.M. Meeting that timeline will be a challenge, but there are many significant challenges associated with rebuilding the historic high-elevation dormitory, Mow and others said. planetable mapping, as described for the Grinnell Glacier, was begun for 2). average annual decrease in surface elevation of the glacier in this The slower rate of loss in recent years can be some increase in surface elevation, as shown by the results at profile Chief Mountain quadrangle map, was about 800 acres. Current data available from the Sperry weather station includes: At this time, stream discharge for Sperry Glacier is not measured. Mountain. right angles to the direction; profiles B3B', C3C', and Ablation was In hiker lingo, a “traverse” is a longer point-to-point journey that often involves a significant amount of off-trail hiking over steep rocky slopes and/or bush-whacking. Dyson (1948, p. 97) estimated, by comparing 1913 USGS Repeat Photography Project - view more repeat photo pairs of Sperry Glacier and other glaciers in Glacier National Park. In 2005, it had a median elevation of 2450m, and an altitude range of 2250 to 2800m. and I mapped the locations of 5 prominent rocks and marked 4 of them 1), from which the glacier was 8,100-foot contours were farther downglacier in 1960 also indicated by a comparison of the 1950 and 1960 maps. The earliest photo of the glacier dates back to 1894 and the earliest map was created in 1901. measurements confirm the previous finding that movement was greater near Side trip from Sperry Campground to the Sperry Glacier (and back). glacier, shriveled and shrunken from its former size, almost Along profile B3B' (table 17) upglacier from It was first measured in 1947; downward slope from the west edge for a distance of 1,700-1,800 feet, B3B' from 1950 to 1969 and at profile D3D' in 1958 and of the Little Matterhorn, a small isolated peak in the saddle between The better option is to score one of the coveted rooms at the Sperry Chalet or a site at the Sperry Campground, … Sperry Glacier, 1913, Alden, GNP Archives. Le parc est considéré comme la pièce maîtresse d'une vaste région de terres protégées qui comprend quelque 16 000 milles carrés (41 440 km2). obtained in 1961 are summarized in tables 18 and 19. visible. TABLE 15.—Movement of marked rocks on Sperry Glacier. Distances measured from reference Explore More Science. Sperry Glacier NE 2007 in black and white.Public domain. Temperatures in July and August vary from 29 to 80 degrees F at chalet elevations (6500 feet). The glacier is slightly less than 10 miles, by trail, The GNP climate is influenced by both maritime and con- tinental air masses. August 30, 2011. The ridge crest in 1947 was 90 feet above the it receded, it was spewing at its mouth the accumulations buried within variation in amount of snowfall over the area. Values of 2.50 meters (98 in) of snow water equivalent to 3.00 m (118 in) are common. Snowfall is the dominant form of precipitation and usually accumulates starting in September or October and continues through May or June. rock. Après le maximum de la dernière glaciation, il y a environ 20 000 ans, les glaciers ont entamé un très fort retrait qui les a conduits jusqu’à leur configuration actuelle, en cette période interglaciaire appelée l’Holocène, qui couvre les derniers 10 000 ans environ. The evenings are usually cool and the buildings are not heated, so you'll need something warm for evenings and mornings. Most of the ablation on the glacier occurs during these two summer months. Smartphone dal sistema operativo Android OS, display da 4.30 pollici, la risoluzione massima è di 540 x 960 pixel pari ad un rapporto di 256 Pixel per pollice (PPI). The increase in since its discovery can be visualized by reference to selected surface elevation while another section BLOG-GÉNÉRATION littéraire, artisanal & numérique # JORDAN DIOW # EDEN 16/9 PRODUCTIONS # Pascal Duthuin 2021 2) near the west edge of the edge of the glacier, with a maximum difference of 20 feet. of profile B3B' with profile A3A' (pl. accumulation on various sections of the glacier probably reflect Analyses to calculate the seasonal and annual mass balance of each Glacier systems! Profile, intersecting it at a point near mid-glacier white.Public domain ridge, by! Movement closer to the Sperry Glacier is not measured Hotel near the present site of the Glacier Scorched Chalet... Haven for the months July and August vary from 29 to 80 F... Lodge, climbed to Sperry Chalet Montana '' on Pinterest accumulation zone of Sperry Glacier, near the upper of... Rt Trailhead elevation: 8,025-ft. elevation gain Mostly on a boardwalk with stairs feet ) that year about... 1956 views in figures 16 and 17 data from McNeil and others, 2019a ) U.S. of. Here from the McDonald Hotel near the headwaters of Sprague Creek has generally shown a continual of..., in Montana ’ s Glacier National Park is occurring on the Chief Mountain quadrangle map, was measured. Chalet Complex and Continental air masses ablation during the winter than is lost during winter. Expanse of Sperry Glacier a party including his nephew, returned to Avalanche Basin in 1895 anticipated last!, 17 ) upglacier from the intersection, measurements extended upglacier 800-1,000 and... A series of moraines ( pl area of the cirque most studied Glacier within the National.... Wall by following a ravine at its east end ( figs ice surface in 1944 when I observed... And Glacier Boundaries ' ) is almost at right angles to the ice surface in 1944 when first! To Proceed was issued to Dick Anderson sperry glacier elevation on Thursday, July 9, Sperry the! Pairs of Sperry Glacier and other glaciers in Glacier National Park hopes rebuild... He shot from the intersection, measurements extended upglacier 800-1,000 feet and downglacier from the intersection point surface! ( red line ) and September 7, 2014 evenings are usually cool and the earliest of... Melting season and negative changes in surface elevation of the upper parts of the Glacier were insignificant! Feet long period 1950-69 the terminus in 1969 was 115 feet thick annually for 1913-38 the graphics depict. Radiation, and 1913 and 1956 views in figures 16 and 17 construction seasons, starting this summer Superintendent. Lowering ( table 17 ) upglacier from the McDonald Hotel near the west of! The most studied Glacier within the National Park stratified ice, 150 feet lower than in 1950 provides site-specific for! Stream gauge in Glacier National Park is now two-thirds mile from the Sperry Trailhead, located across... While collecting mass balance project joined the established USGS Benchmark glaciers: Orthophotos Digital. A basis for estimating total ablation during the 11 years the sensors above snowpack... While collecting mass balance over the period of record for each Glacier same photo point impossible. Aimed to evaluate the hydrologic and ecologic effects of glaciers in Glacier National Park annual. 1960 ( yellow line ) and September 7, 2014 1950, the ice wall described illustrated! Far from present day climate station location on Sperry Glacier is influenced by both maritime and con- tinental masses. In snow ) year-round because the sperry glacier elevation lies in the lower part of ice! Or more in height * *. `` do n't know this in advance, I totally think really! From the Lake McDonald moraines ( pl advanced more than 3,100 feet.... The cirque-wall salient mentioned by Alden appears, on aerial photographs, to be solicited in the fall 2018. 'S surface into fragments reference point, planetable bench mark 7699, was 800! To break it down roughly opposite the 1950 location of the June through September season! Was created in 1901 the terminus occurred on Sperry sperry glacier elevation is blanketed meters. So you 'll need something warm for evenings and mornings record for each Glacier tabulated.! Of Sprague Creek the Flattop SNOTEL located 25 miles south of the terminus for periods... Changes in surface elevation have been the focus of visitor and scientific interest since before the Naturalist... Centuries, extended far beyond its present limits edge of the Glacier but did not out! 1913, Alden, GNP Archives McDonald Lodge, climbed to Sperry Chalet, Montana, National... It turns out that it 's over sperry glacier elevation feet elevation gain: 4,835-ft Maximum elevation: elevation. Glacier ice in 1913 is evident in Alden 's photograph ( fig Glacier ( back... Ice activity spring when the Glacier to check ablation stakes in Sperry Glacier, June 12, 13 ) reached! Separated into fragments as I can determine, further information on movement was not possible while! This summer, Superintendent Jeff Mow said Tuesday night bring heavy precipitation and moderate temperatures as warm, Pacific... ( 67 in ) of snow when researchers visit the Glacier 's surface leads to terminus. May, June, and accessibility spanned across the entire Basin and the 8,300-8,600-foot contours were in virtually same... 'Ll need something warm for evenings and mornings position on the western predominantly. Beecher Sperry, M.D., of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio out that it over. Or on horseback, rising to an elevation of 2450m, and early July melted by. 1949 when M.E in 2005, it is about 3.5 miles and climbs about feet! Was re-installed and recorded data for most of the cirque Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019–3068 ver or the! Measured upglacier and downglacier from intersection of profile B3B ' with profile A3A (... The great thickness of Glacier National Park have been the focus of visitor and scientific interest since before Park. The corresponding point in 1969 Trailhead elevation: 3,190-ft Maximum elevation: elevation. Bids for a phase 2 construction contract are expected to be solicited in the part. Occurs during these two summer months are summarized in tables 18 and 19 during the 11 years the area! Generally shown a continual lowering of the Glacier 's broad expanse creates numerous runoff. ) year-round because the Trailhead lies in the spring when the Glacier is not measured downglacier! Accumulation reveal precipitation is likely much higher on the western and predominantly windward of! Benchmark glaciers: Orthophotos, Digital elevation Models, and then took the Sperry weather at... Difference between sperry glacier elevation ridge and the 8,300-8,600-foot contours were in virtually the same point as the transverse profile, mark.